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Fletch () Movie Script. Read the Fletch full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and. Fletch is a American action-comedy directed by Michael Ritchie and written by Andrew . When producer Alan Greisman and screenwriter Andrew Bergman got involved Phil Alden Robinson also did some uncredited work on the script. The Fletch screenplay was penned by Andrew Bergman, who had coauthored another comedy classic, Blazing Saddles. Following the success.

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What’ll it be, Fletch?

Velma rummages through a family album on a side table as Fletch tried to sort all this out in his mind. Fletch stiffens and turns around.

Fletch (1985)

COP 1 No booking. I know there’s a history of cancer in the family. I’m very flattered, but I’m also very married. Monthly lease, with an option to buy.


I thought that’s what you meant. Well, of course we have. You stay away from the house, all right? Well, I don’t formally belong.


I’d recommend staying down there for ffletch least a year. You know the source? But I always kid him about it. Stanwyk crosses to the other side of the net, a waiter approaches Fletch. I can smell them.

The curse of ‘Fletch’

FLETCH Our men in blue are with us today, and I think we should all extend a shake of the hand, a slap on the back and scdeenplay ‘howdy’ to them. I’ll take care of them. However, you threw her out. Somewhere in the yard a dog barks viciously, frantically. Hebron for a few days, run lots of tests, charge a bundle. Just eats you up, bit by bit.

At the door stands a gruff-looking Man in a red and black hunter’s jacket, overalls, and a hat with earflaps. You catch on real quick, Mr. Don’t talk to me like that, ass face.


I was afraid you’d say that. Fletch, this is a hell of a story. The Jaguar screenpaly off. The Records Nurse hovers over him.

Fletch Script – transcript from the screenplay and/or Chevy Chase movie

He is with Ms. Oh, that sounds terrible, doesn’t it. Oh, you’ve remodeled the garage.

At the sight of the intruding Fletch, the dog’s lip is practically over his nose, his fangs are poised and gleaming. You’re telling the truth. I can’t have my wages garnish-ied. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures. Tell me I’m right. Cummings shoots once, striking Stanwyk in the chest, killing him instantly. He starts up his car and backs out.